Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunny days in Detroit

        I went down to Detroit today and I met some pretty cool people! I didn't get to take any pictures though because my camera is sadly broken! I still got to ask people questions and I heard some good responses!

        The first person I met was a woman named Carol and I asked her who she admired most in life and she said, " I would have to say I admire my mom the most because of the way she raised me and my siblings to be strong, independent people." I also asked her what she loved the most about Detroit and she said ,"I love the diverse atmosphere and the kind people." 

       The next person I met was a man and he was really cool and answered some questions for me! He told me, "the thing that makes him the happiest is spending time with his family and loved ones. Some people don't get to be around the people they love as much as they want to, so I am very grateful they I get to." He also told me he looks up to his older brother and how he is so put together and he aspires to be like him. 

        I spoke with a lovely woman who told me about her history in Detroit. She told me she loved visiting Detroit and she tries to come here as much as she can. She is inspired the most by her parents how they gave her parents a wonderful life and she cherishes that. 
        The last person I spoke with was a woman who works in Detroit at the local Starbucks. She told me she loves working in Detroit because of all the awesome and enjoyable people that walk through there everyday. She told me she wants to be able to stay in Detroit as long as she can! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

This weekend I unfortunately didn't get the chance to go down to Detroit because I had a cold. I have found some new places to visit in Detroit like Greektown, Midtown, and the RiverWalk. I hope these places have a more diverse selection of people than just the central business district. I am still working on with my website and social medias. I am feeling better and  ready to go out next weekend to meet more people. I am excited to start the collage of all the people that I will have by the end of the year.