Sunday, February 22, 2015


       I don't have any stories to share this week but I do have some ideas. I am thinking about going to talk to people at the DIA and still the Renaissance Center. Its been so cold lately that its hard to get myself to go out to interview people. I have been working on my website also. It is coming along really well. I still need to focus on  updating my instagram and twitter. When I do travel to Detroit I had out fliers to the people I talk to to check out this blog to see their interview. I want to make like business cards instead because they are smaller and people will be less likely to lose them. If you are wondering I do have someone that comes down to Detroit with me kinda like my bodyguard, its my dad. Also my friend Kendall and my mentor Gilly accompany me. Its a really fun thing to do, once you get to Detroit you get pumped and ready to get out there and talk to people.

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