Sunday, February 8, 2015

Conquering the Cold

                Tonight was quite freezing but that didn't stop me from going down to Detroit. It was quite the adventure trying to interview people while simultaneously trying to stay warm. It was really fun and I met some pretty cool people.

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            This police officer may be cold but has a warm heart. Holly loves that she gets to help people as a police officer. She was influenced the most by her mom. Her mom is a strong woman and has been through a lot. She sees herself in 10 years married with 4 kids. 

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       This guy is a real a trend setter. A person who influences him the most is his brother because he likes where he is at in his life. He loves fashion because he doesn't like to dress like everyone else he likes to dress different. He grew up without a dad which made him a stronger person. Sleeping is what makes him the happiest. If he could meet someone dead or alive he would meet Micheal Jackson because he likes his music. 

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     This king of Detroit admires anyone who is willing to prosper. He is the most passionate about sports because of the competitiveness and the learning of self-disciple. He loves the values behind sports and how you can you can use in life. He really enjoys going out to play sports. His first job was a landscaper. 

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      This lady is shining on the outside and the inside. Jackie is influenced the most by her father. He was a veteran from the Marine core. He recently passed away and had a beautiful funeral. She is the most passionate about her daughter. Her first job was in glow works. Someone alive or dead she would like to meet would be the singer Aliyah because she wrote a lot of inspirational music.

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