Sunday, January 25, 2015

busy busy

               Recently I have not been able to go down to Detroit due to my busy schedule. Studying for midterms took practically all my time. Midterm week is finally over so I now have more time to work on my project. My plans for the future is to interview more people in a variety of places instead of just one.I am planning to go to Eastern Market soon and then the Renaissance Center and the YMCA. I also am working on updating my website. I need to post the interviews and the pictures on it. I think I'm gonna make a schedule for the days I plan to go downtown. I will try my best to go down every available weekend. I need to interview a lot more people because by the end of the year I want to make a big collage of all the people I talked to and of the places I went to. I am planning to go next weekend so ill tell you how that goes.

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