Sunday, December 7, 2014

Progress or Procrastinating?

    Due to my lack of remembrance I forgot to take pictures downtown on the previous weekends. I will still go to all the places I promised  just on another weekend which I am hoping will be this Saturday. I have have found a mentor that is willing to come help me during my project. My mentor is my pretty awesome cousin Gilly Graham. I picked her to be my mentor because she is very creative and organized. We are very excited because we are both interested in Detroit and the people who visit and live there. I also am coming up with a variety of questions to ask the people I will be talking to. I need to start up my Instagram and Twitter for my project and I am also thinking about making a Facebook. I am hoping all goes as planned this weekend. Wish me luck.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Looking through the Lens

            This project is a little harder to compose then I thought. I seem to never really have time to traveled down to Detroit. I really want capture all the vibrancy Detroit has to offer. I want to go to Eastern Market,The Renaissance Center,and  the YMCA to take some pictures and collect stories of people indulging the city of Detroit. I want to go there  because there will be a diverse variety of people that visit these places. For example, at the Eastern Market people come there on Saturdays to shop for food and I want to capture different cultures of people who come there. As for The Renaissance Center, it has a lot to offer which invites people to Detroit on the weekends such as a movie theater, restaurants, shopping stores and a art gallery. The YMCA is a welcoming a safe environment for families to come in and do recreational activities.
             I plan to go this weekend to Detroit to take pictures and have at least 10 good pictures by the end of this week. In the pictures I want to express the liveliness of the citizens of Detroit and for people to be able make a connection with the pictures as well. Hopefully the weather cooperates with me. I should be able to get some good pictures during this Thanksgiving holiday. The pictures I take this weekend, will be more warming and family orientated because it will be the weekend of giving thanks. I will also being running in the Detroit Turkey Trot and I will try to take picture of some runners and hopefully will get to talk to some. As for the upcoming winter I am thinking about going down to Campus Martius to take pictures and meet some of the brave souls that come out during these cold Michigan winters. This week shall be interesting to see what capture and how many people share their stories and perspectives.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Down to Detroit

          I soon will start going into Detroit with my parents to talk to some people and hear their stories and take pictures of them. I am excited to see how the first trip to Detroit for my project goes. I also will be making a website to share  all the stories and pictures.I made a Twitter called @HumansofDetroit and also will be making a Instagram.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Uncovering the people of Detroit

Katie Kuhr    
    My 20 time project is called "Humans of Detroit" based off Brandon Stanton's popular book, blog, and photographic census "Humans of New York." I am going throughout Detroit and learning about the people who live their and asking them a variety of questions that they can really think about like what is their perspective on life?,or who influences you the most? I will also be taking pictures of the people I talk to. I picked Detroit because it is a very unique and diverse place. I choose this project because I am really interested in learning about other people and about their lives. I am really excited about this project and excited to see the outcome of it.